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Broken brush marks fracture the forms in this work to symbolize the vulnerability of humanity and our relationship with nature. Complex composition is equal to the complexity of contemporary times, while the physicality of the paint rises above the picture plane expressing notes of surface tension. Close cropped compositions reveal the intimate perception of the painter. While, the tondo and metal gilding reach back to antiquity and Egyptian times as symbols of the sacred, the precious and immortality. Water is a symbol of life. Trees are a symbol of knowledge, as trees have witnessed the rise of civilization, although here their reflection is upside down and their blooms are in a quiescent state.

To be concerned about the rippling effects of water is to be concerned about all living things. To be concerned about all living things is to be concerned about humankind. We are interconnected and interdependent on water. There is a ripple effect. If our collective society can realize our interconnectedness with nature, we can find a sustainable balance. However, until then, the balance of sustainability is off and risk is present.

If you feel you lose your sense of specificity when you look at this work and you are a little dislocated, cannot quite find your balance in these paintings, then I have communicated effectively a notion of humanities vulnerability. However, if you also see the broken bits of paint organized into fields of floating calm, then you will also find my hope for humanity.